HTC One M8 tips and tricks

Just a few of the things that makes the M8 simply the best phone around.

This is a compilation of previous posts, simply a way to collect most that I’ve written about One M8 (will add things to it later on as well). Some stuff are Sense 6 generic things that works on both M8 and M7. If I missed anything? Please Let Me Know!

  1. Get More Languages onto your HTC One M8
  2. How you factory reset HTC One M8
  3. Wipe Cache Partition on HTC One M8
  4. Turn off One M8 screen without using power-button
  5. Why is any power saver mode greyed out on One M8?
  6. How to enable High Performance Mode on HTC One M8
  7. Reboot HTC One M8 into safe mode
  8. Screenshot on HTC One M8
  9. Turn on Developer options on HTC One M8
  10. Turn off Developer Options
  11. Selecting default launcher
  12. What’s ‘Developer options’ on One M8 really?
  13. Soft reset HTC One M8
  14. Change sim pin on HTC One M8
  15. Saving non-viewable attachments in stock sense 6 mail app on one m7 and m8
  16. Enable ART on HTC One M8
  17. How to block a number in sense 6 (m7/m8)
  18. Arrange ‘capture mode selector screen’ in Sense 6 camera
  19. Remove Blinkfeed in Sense 6
  20. Blinkfeed in Sense 6 doesn’t show weather and clock
  21. Set home screen in Sense 6
  22. Enable Lock screen widgets on HTC One M8
  23. A look at the file manager app in the 4.4.3 update for One M8
  24. Droider recommended phone maintenance
  25. Security fixes in 4.4.3 for One M7 and M8
  26. Should I update my One M8 to 4.4.3?
  27. What’s new in the 4.4.3 update for One M8
  28. What HTC charger does my HTC phone need?
  29. Problem with phone after update
  30. What’s up with ‘flash player for mobile’ really?
  31. Where the HTC wallpapers are stored on your HTC android phone
  32. Where ringtones are stored on your HTC android phone
  33. Adding back Sense 5 sounds to Sense 6 (M7/M8)

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