Get more languages onto your HTC One M8

Lets say you buy a Swedish One M8 and want to use it in France, in French. Or pretty much any language any where. Most phones are made for a region/country and comes with the languages for that region. But, there’s a fix for that.

Tell me! I need to know!

You just need an app. And a computer. MoreLocale is the app needed

And yes, this works with Lollipop.

This isn’t root. This does not need root. It will not tamper anything in your phone that’s related to warranty. It’s safe.

MoreLocale2 is the mostly used app to add a Locale (language/country) on an Android, and after changes to Android in the 4.2 you need to do a bit to get it to work.

This is done on a regular HTC One M8, it’s not rooted or changed in any way and the process shown here will not alter anything on the magnitude like root.

It will not alter your phone in a way that affect warranty etc. This is VERY safe to do.

Important: Install MoreLocale2 first

If you don't want to do the steps below, thinking it's "too hard". Then I've done a simplified version of it HERE, where you don't have to do much yourself at all. 

I will show the PM Grant way here

What you need

First you need to hook up phone to computer with USB debugging enabled (or it will not work very well). This you do in Developer options if it’s not on already, if you can’t find developer options: read this

Edit: with 4.3 and up , you need to OK the debugging mode on your phone.

With a command line (on a windows computer, windows key + R and type CMD) you type (I assume with Paths and such ok, or stand in the directory where “adb” can be found). Each command is followed by ENTER.

adb shell

this will set adb into shell mode, where you can enter commands directly to your phone

The prompt changes a bit, and you enter (careful with spelling and caps). Enter

pm grant android.permission.CHANGE_CONFIGURATION

The prompt will not show you much, just mirrors the last bit. That means it was successful, I do this with Morelocale 2 open on my phone. And then you can just change language to whatever you want, this grant stays even with a restart of the phone.


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  • Marcel

    hallo, first of all thank you for that i used your quick way and it worked perfectly fine, but after that i have now issues with connectin the pc to my tv over hdmi, the fault is i can see on both devices that its connected but i can’t see anything on the tv screen, andi have to allign all my divices like gamepads manually,do you have any suggestion what to do now?

  • mouad

    my computer is in french , when I put the command “adb shell” , it says that “adb” isn’t known as a command .
    please help !

    • The command line Path isn’t set up to include Adb, that’s why. There’s a simple way to do this in the upper part of the post

  • Ehsan Gh

    Persian language HTC One M8

  • Calph Calph

    great job bro thanx soo much bcz some of htc u need to unlock bootloader to root wc ends up loosing yo work in phone more documents i like htc but there software process is tiresome mostly on htc s-on locked bootloader

  • Timo van Vliet

    You think this would work on HTC 10 too? Since that’s a higher Android version. All I want is the Dutch pack of HTC Sense Input working on my 10, is that possible with this?

    • That will give you a fully Dutch phone, and I assume it would work just fine on the 10 as well. But, just for HTC sense input I think it’s going too far as that I think is much easier. As I’ve got nederlands on in the keyboard settings of HTC sense input, it should be pretty easy. Those American phones can be a handful when it comes to language tho, but any other phone shouldn’t give you much issue at all

      • Timo van Vliet

        It’s not easy, since HTC Sense Input isn’t a compatible keyboard on the 10, cause of the higher Android I assume. But luckily enough I could get the language package from my One M8 via Helium back on my HTC 10. I deleted the Dutch package by accident today, and every APK file on the internet won’t install cause the keyboard isn’t compatible. :’) Very annoying, but at least I got it back and working.

        • Oh, forgot that it doesn’t use HTC sense input at all. Then I would not even do that myself but use Gboard instead.

          • Timo van Vliet

            That’s possible yes, but I just love the HTC Sense Input keyboard, it works great and I’m so used to it. As long as it’s possible I’ll stick to this one! Haha.

  • Arle Andersanka

    I have an M8s that I was just about to give away, which pisses the shit out of me. I did a factory reset and the piece of fucking shit wipes out all of the factory preinstalled languages like Norweigan, Swedish, Finnish etc. Adb says no device connected and I do now have to figure out how the fuck I can install the “legacy hardware” that actually IS connected, but apparently by Windows, still not connected. Is it really that hard for phones to work these days?

    • A factory reset will NEVER ever wipe anything factory preinstalled things. Assuming it’s a stock phone, and not rooted, as the rooted part can seriously f**k up any phone. A factory reset “just” wipes the user data folder. Make sure that your usb cable etc is ok, and that you do NOT use the htc sync manager as it’s a bit crap. Or a lot crap. And, that you enable the phone to be connected via adb as you need to enable that under Developer options. It’s not on by default. Called “usb debugging”

      • Arle Andersanka

        Non-root, didn’t try different usb cables, enabled debug. Eventueally threw the phone away. What a piece of junk.

        • That’s often cable or computer issues when it happens. Not that uncommon at times. Can be rather easy to fix, or slightly more difficult depending on computer. But, your loss.