Changes in the 4.4.3 update for HTC One M7

A bit late with this, but better late than never.

s 4.4.3 is mostly “Under the hood” type things there’s not a massive list of new things. This is for version number 6.09.401.5.

This is what HTC says (with my comments on some)

  • Android 4.4.3
  • Security fixes, it includes the OpenSSL and FakeID (13678484). The OpenSSL patch is pretty much everything that’s in 4.4.4 so HTC got you covered there as well. Running the bluebox security scanner shows that every bug/exploit is patched.

And, that’s where the official HTC explanation ends. But, it seems that it contains pretty much the same as the 4.4.3 for One M8. So, I’ll lists what the M8 lists says about it. Checked on my M7, and I find the same things as on M8. Removed those bits that M7 doesn’t got.

Performance optimisation

  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth, feels that it connects a bit easier/faster to things.
  • Mobile network, feels quicker to lock onto mobile data


  • Camera
  • Gallery (image match)
  • Settings (Power History), under Settings > Power > Battery usage you know got it split into different pages where you can see for “all”, “screen off” and “screen on”. With further granularity for when, from “all” down to “past 2 days”.
  • HTC Sync Manager

Sense experience optimisation

  • Extreme Power Saving Mode, it now explains more on what it is and what it turns on when enabled.
  • Quick Setting, seems to be a bit reworked.

Droider findings

  • Notification Light, under Settings > Display & gestures you’ve got Flash Notifications which you can set to “always” or “when screen is off“. App notications just gives you a list of what you can get flash notification on: missed call, voice mail, messages, calendar, mail and alarms.
  • File manager app, same as on M8.

This what I’ve found so far, but will of course update the second when I find more.

  • Toba Akin

    We also got File Manager!!

  • Jing

    Miracast problems (didn’t work well/at all on v4.4.2) was fixed on this version

  • Gurka

    Hi guys,

    I just got this update on my m7 as well.. something weird happened.

    I had the option “motion launch gestures” available, but now it has disappeared :/ which means i can no longer double tap to sleep when on lock screen.

    What changed? Can someone please help me out?
    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • anthony

      I noticed this as well. I miss that feature a lot. Not sure what happened to it.

      • I think that it was left there by mistake, as One M7 doesn’t fully support Motion Launch (anything of it really). And that mistake was fixed in the 4.4.3 update since I guess that it didn’t make a lot of sense to have it there

        • Gurka

          The use was not overwhelming, nevertheless, i got used to the double tapping on lock screen after checking if what i got was a text or some notification from some app.

          I am quite sad really, i felt closer to the m8 cellphone with motion launch gestures 🙂

  • maxmiller

    How do I do a factory data reset I made a way too complicated pattern and I forgot

  • eisa

    My phone stopped recognizing local numbers that are stored in international format. did anyone face this?