Prevent folder content to show up in gallery or music player on your Android phone

You’ve copied a folder with ringtones to your phone to use. But, those shows up in your music. This gives you a solution for this.

That’s actually pretty simple. Just put a .nomedia file in the folder you don’t want the system to scan for media files (photos, sounds, etc). It’s just an empty text file with NO name but .nomedia as extension. Just open Notepad on your computer, and when you’re saving it: just select “all files” and in the name box you just put “.nomedia” and save it. That’s it. Or use THIS, it’s just a zipped .nomedia file.

nomedia_featuredSo, how do you use it?
Just copy the .nomedia file to the folder you want excluded from media scanning. That’s it.

At times you have to restart phone for everything to work, but you shouldn’t have too much problems with it.

  • Todd Morrow

    This does not work as of Android 4.0

    • That works at least on current android 4.4.x. I can’t say how it works on 4.0.x. And, it should work on lollipop as well. That is tested and confirmed, that was with 4.4.3/sense 6.0 on my m8

      • Todd Morrow

        The only thing that worked for me was to install “Disable Service”, go under system, media, and disable media scanner. I don’t know why the suggestion didn’t work for me, but I saw someone else say it ceased working as of 4.0