Things sadly do break

This isn’t just about phones, but being about phones myself: I will of course focus on phones.

This is just my personal view on it, after 20+ years in the tech world.

At times I see things from people that claims that a HTC phone is “worse” than something else. Often around when someone dropped a phone (for the 5th time) and are upset (understandable) over it being damaged. Cracked display etc.

Yes, I agree that it’s not fun when something break. Dropped my Desire once. Actually “dropped” isn’t the correct word even, kinda used my backpack as a slingshot inside the tram once. Phone on bag while rushing out of the tram, dark phone on dark backpack = no good. You don’t see it. Phone actually dented a panel before coming to a reset on the trams floor.  It was inside a pouch so no external damage at all.

But, inside the phone apparently stuff came loose. So, it had to go see the Phone Doctor. Actually got that fixed on warranty somehow.

I think that I’ve dropped just about every HTC phone that I’ve had. So far I haven’t had a display crack on any of those. Came close with my One M7 last year when it bounced around on a sidewalk. But, it came out of that ordeal with just a slightly damaged corner. NO display damage at all. And that phone works just perfectly ever since that.

For me HTC makes phones that last. I’ve never had much problems with any of my HTC phone. Those (I think 2-3 out of 12 or so), those just got fixed/replaced that just worked from there.

But, HTC got so bad service! Actually this isn’t as simple as you might think. The thing is: ALL service/repair is done by “external service provider”, as in a company outside HTC hired to handle the entire service process in case a phone needs some help.

Some are good, and some are bad. Since it’s a “full service provider”, that company handles every step of the service process: means that HTC can’t be aware of every “Little” problem in that process. And sadly some service providers seems to take advantage of that.

Before you go rushing off into a “But other makers don’t do that!”. Yes they do. Pretty much all the major brands do it in the very same way. In some countries you have a big service company that handles more than one of those major brands as well.

If you got a problem with service/repair: you need to get HTC involved in it, to make sure it’s handled correctly. Posting “I hate HTC” on their facebook page will of course not work very well. Do a nice post on their facebook page instead, ask for help rather than expressing your hate. Being nice is of course always to prefer regardless what it’s about.

But, back to my original story-line now. HTC actually make VERY good phones, perhaps sticking my neck out a bit now with saying: better than most other makers. But, that is the experience I’ve had so far. My new one M8 is the best phone/device I’ve had so far. Seriously. M7 too, it’s only drawback is that I’ve got an M8 as well..

But: if you drop a phone, it might break. From what I’ve experienced myself: HTC phones doesn’t break “easier” than other brand. It’s actually the other way around.  

  • Johan

    From experience I can say that in Sweden atleast it is the same repair center that services Samsung, HTC, Nokia and a few other mobile phone companies. What people don’t want to understand is that the cost of setting up a repair center is astronomical as they have to have the testing equipment and tools, cleanrooms etc. and that stuff can cost hundreds of thousands of euro to get, not like the cornershops that use generic tools and parts not fit for purpose. I have seen cases when phones have been serviced by cornershops and came back with masking tape instead of insulation, missing screws and similar mistakes.

    • Yeah, it’s Telecare in Sweden i think? Last time I had to use service is was Anovo. In the UK and other EU countries it’s Regenersis that handles it. There was a Swedish Regenersis (bought Anovo) as well for a while, but they went belly-up since their finances wasn’t very good. Yeah,it costs MILLIONS and MILLONS of Euros to set it up and takes a couple of years. TIme that you simply don’t have: so, you hire someone to do it. Even Apple does it the same way, which isn’t that surprising since they outsource the making of the phone as well. At least most Android makers actually makes their own products

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