Custom lock screen wallpaper with Sense 6 One M7 and M8

This is actually very simple in Sense 6, but in will not work in Sense 5.5 for One M7, so: you need Sense 6 for this to work.

Go to Settings > Personalize > Lock screen wallpaper, where you select Use custom wallpaper. And just browser for the one you want to use and simply select it. Done!

  • Abdul

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  • Tash

    Hi Droider,
    1. Please suggest if I can reinstall Weather Live Wallpaper.
    2. If by any chance we can club the Call log instances in Sense UI 6, as currently when we receive a call it shows all the instances even the call is received from a particular number
    3. I am totally not able to click the photos even if it is a little low light (e.g. inside a room glowing with light). It gets purple and nothing else.

    • 1. Look around play store a bit, I’ve never used the live wallpapers since its a major battery drainer.
      2. I assume you means grouping in the call log? That it never had and will most likely never have, since each call is a entity of its own. You have however “thread” tab on each contact in People where you can see their calls.
      3. Faulty camera module, have it repaired by htc

  • Justinas Drūteika

    Today I’ve got new version. After update my phone I can’t set my lock screen wallpaper because there is no line with that fuction. What do I need to do?

    • what phone is it? I’ve checked on both One M7 and One M8 running sense 6/4.4.3 and that line is there. Haven’t moved or changed