What’s New in the Sense 6 update for One M7

Will do a quick little list now, and add to it if I’ve missed anything.

And, as always

This is a list for regular unlocked EMEA (possible the same as APAC as well) version of the phone. A carrier/network version will/might be different.

What HTC says

System and Power improvements

  • HTC Sense 6 update
  • Color coded themes for easy navigation
  • Personalized font style
  • Addition of new Extreme Power Saving Mode
  • Add a button to clear all recent apps

Imaging experience improvements

  • New interface for Gallery and Camera
  • Add Image Match to find photos faster and easier
  • Support POI (Point Of Interest ) in Map view

Blinkfeed improvements

  • Smooth, continuous scrolling
  • New interface to intuitively add new content
  • Enhanced sidebar for easier navigation
  • Nearby restaurant recommendations

HTC Sense TV improvements

  • Check sports scores, stats and social media buzz in real-time
  • Redesigned interface for better user experience


  • Enhanced music app for more visually stunning themes
  • Add schedule function to specific time and event in Do Not Disturb mode
  • Improved Mail, Message, Calendar, Phone apps

Droider finds


  • Wifi icon looks different
  • Widgets redesigned to match the new look
  • Lock screen reworked, you can swipe in 3 directions to get to “just unlock”,  “unlock to regular home screen” or “unlock to blinkfeed”. Swiping up starting over home button unlocks directly to Google Now.
  • Auto Answer, just put phone up to your ear to answer. Actually works pretty well. Feels a bit odd though. You disable it under Settings > Call > Auto answer calls if you don’t want it
  • HTC Guide app, whichs helps you troubleshoot the phone and can help you to contact support etc. I liked it. Very clean look of it as well.
  • HTC Power to give app is now default installed.
  • The Zoe app isn’t live yet, so I will get back on that.
  • Double tap on active lock screen to turn off the display

Be aware of

  • Enable lock screen widgets under Settings > Security is OFF by default, so Enable it if you want to use lock screen widgets.
  • Panorama in camera is STILL there, things have just moved around.


  • Lock screen wallpaper, you can now set if you want your lock screen to use the same wallpaper as home screen or a custom one.
  • Theme, you can select 4 different themes that gives you a selection of colors. No customization on the themes yet. If you don’t like colors there’s a black/white (dark) theme.
  • Ringtones are new and different, since it’s a new main version of Sense.  If you’ve used custom ringtones/etc then those will of course stay as they are. Will do a post on just how you get back the ringtones you’re used to from previous sense versions.
  • Home screen, gives you a simple way of selecting the default launcher if you have more than just HTC Blinkfeed installed.


  • Screen lock, you can now set it to “None”. Which is a very welcomed change.
  • Setting to Enable lock screen widget is there, but by default OFF.


  • Font style, you can now choose a font style. There’s 3  there, and more you can download. Will take a closer look at this later.

What you don’t get from M8

Since they don’t share the same hardware platform, there’s of course things from Sense 6 in M8 that you will not see in the Sense 6 update for M7.

  • Ufocus and any other hardware dependent feature, 360 panorama could be this as well. Since it’s not on the M7. You can use Google Camera if you want such a feature on your M7.
  • Motion Launch. Could be because M8 got more sensors than M7 and that it uses s801 instead of s600 in M7.
  • Boomsound, you have Beats Audio in M7 instead.

I’m sure I’ve missed stuff now

That I will add the second that I find it.

What I think about it

It’s a VERY good update. The phone feels quick, it feels smooth. The extreme power saver is BRILLIANT. It makes M7 almost to feel like a new phone. It makes the other phones released at the same time to look old and outdated. Again.



  • Bonedatt

    How about things that the update took away?
    – Camera: sweep panorama is missing in the camera. It’s suppose to be replaced by Panorama 360 like on the M8 but it’s not.
    – Stocks App: No more graphic display of how stocks performed in the past days, months or year.
    – More bloatware with addition of mobile Hotspot app. (I’m on T-Mobile)
    – Zoe has a separate app and it’s useless. It literally does nothing… Just occupying space.
    – Loss of the permanent weather widge in Apps tray.

    Some of the improvements mentioned in the article are welcomed, especially the extreme power saving feature and also the lock screen enhancements.

    • As I’m on a regular unlocked European One M7, i have of course no carrier bloatware on it. So, I can’t list that since I don’t have it and most phones outside US doesn’t have it. Sure, there’s a bit of network tampering in Europe as well but perhaps not as much as on the US phones. I think that a lot of the newer Sense looks are actually design guidelines by google, and I think that htc wants to play VERY nice with Google for obvious reasons. And for me (with Stocks), there’s a graphic view with chart and everything. Where I could select duration for the chart and so on. I think that the weather went with 4.4.2 and not sense 6. Sense 6 for me is better smoother and FAR better on battery. Loss of a weather app isn’t very dramatic in my eyes, since I never used it. And you have direct access to weather from the lock screen etc. The extra apps I got was: htc guide, power to give and Zoe. I don’t mind to have any of those.

      • Bonedatt

        Just out of curiosity, are you able to uninstall those htc apps if you don’t want them? Also do you have the Panorama 360 feature in your camera?

        • You can never uninstall system apps like this, esp not on carrier phones since then you could remove stuff you shouldn’t. But, you can often disable apps (via settings) or in app drawer where you can hide apps via menu. AFAIK panorama 360 was never supposed to be a part of it. Just use Google Camera if you want to have such a thing

          • Bonedatt

            I had the htc power to give app and I was able to uninstall it. This Ofcourse was prior to htc bundling it in this update. I know it’s possible to hide apps but it’s still using storage space :). The Panorama 360 wasn’t meant to be part of this update? So is there another update where it will be included because I currently have sweep Panorama and will hate to lose it. Looks like HTC is adding and removing features based on the type of device (lock, unlocked, GPE etc) and region. Flash was re-enabled in the default browser when I tried out the sense 6 update and I still do have it in my current Sense 5.5.

          • Sweep panorama is there, as before. Flash should be gone on 4.4 and up. A carrier phone like yours can have “carrier demands” when it comes to apps and so on. Just disable flash even if you have it since it’s a bit of a security risk etc. Most pages adapted for mobile devices today uses html5 etc

          • dman1232007

            To get flash use Dolphin Browser and flash 11.1 work great for me

    • I reread it: there’s no flash for mobile in stock browser. Not on m7, flash for mobile have been dead for over 2 years and should just be left there. There is no official flash player for mobile made by adobe anymore

    • Here2Help

      Just an fyi from playing around with the new update the sweep option is still there. Go into the camera hit the three dots in the left corner, click the auto option and the 3rd option under auto opens the sweep panorama. Hope that helps. At least it does on my t-mobile M7

      • Here@Help

        Also I forgot to add you can access Zoe without the app. When you open your camera and you see the little box on the bottom left corner with the four circles inside tap it and it gives you the option to use the Zoe cam, selfie cam, regular cam and the video cam.

        • Bonedatt

          Thanks but I am back to using sense 5.5 until further notice.

          • you do that, sense 6.0 on m7 is better/faster and better on battery. Feels like a new phone

  • abby

    I am now unable to change my ring tone. When I press on the ringtone button in the sounds section, it gets grey (showing I’ve touched it) butdoes nothing. Suggestions?

    • That is odd. At least do a soft reset, with phone on and active press power button for 10 secs making it doing a restart and clearing some stuff up while doing that. If that doesn’t help: factory reset. If that doesn’t help: call htc support

    • Jack

      This happened to me too, I tried restarting it but it hasn’t worked for me so far. I wonder why more people aren’t experiencing this?

      • i’m guessing some app or something gets in the way. Backup and factory reset. If not: there’s more behind it: contact support

  • MelonLemon

    These changes that somehow annoyed me right after I updated to sense 6.0

    -all the ringtones I’d used before are now gone
    -continuous scrolling on blinkfeed is much harder to read and focus
    -text in blinkfeed and others are now thinner and smaller which is harder to read and cannot adjust the size now
    -not sure how to proper use the ZOE (is it limit to 3 second again?)
    -personalized themes? more like demanded themes
    -my HTC ONE M7 became significantly slower

    • If it got slower: you have things on that gets in the way of the update.Backup and factory reset. As it should be at least as quick as before, mine became quicker.

      -ringtones are pretty easy to get back. Find the ringtones (I’m working on a Sense sound collection), put the ringtones in the proper folders. Use it.
      -text you can adapt, the font of it
      -it says colored themes and personalized fonts

      • Jacquine

        How well did the reset work? My sound is also noticeably lower..

  • Adam MacVean

    Does anyone know where I can find the old ring tones? (Why couldn’t they have just left them there?????)

    • New major version of Sense always got new sounds, most systems actually. You can find them with Google for the moment, I’m doing a sense sound pack collection myself. So far sense 3, 4, 5 and 6. Tends to be same in .5 as in .0 versions

  • Jacquline

    Phone is now running really slow. I mean so slow it seems like it is an outdated phone. My old apps arent working, Facebook, a few gaming apps etc. I’ve uninstalled and restarted phone several times. Nothing is working! Anyone else having issues?

    • backup and factory reset. Apps etc on your phone causes that. Factory reset and wipe cache partition

  • Ryan P

    I have the M7… is anyone else annoyed but the large space at the bottom for the scrolling? Its like it zoomed out to make all the apps look smaller but left that huge space just for the dots when scrolling left and right on your home screens. Is there a way to change that?

    • jaziel

      Me too. I am not sure how to change it.

    • babycrystalblue

      this is the most annoying thing of the update! why would anyone willingly reduce the usable size of the display? I hope I will find out how to get rid of these navigation dots soon.

      • you can’t. SInce it’s there to be compatible with Sense 6 and design requirements from Google. Etc etc.

    • Wojtek

      Yea, I hate that too, it reminds me of my previous samsung which I hated

    • Cristiano Brandão

      i use nova launcher, and it gives much more freedom to build your screens

    • koiphish

      Anyone figure out how to turn this off yet? I friggin hate it!

      • you can’t turn off a how it’s designed, use a different launcher if bothers you. I don’t even notice it myself, it’s how it’s designed. Pure and simple. We’ll see how Lollipop will look on it

    • Tom Naylor


  • blahhh

    Hi tobbe i need a lil help, I updated the OTA sense 6 through a zip, then rooted the phone to install a custom mod named bulletproof for knock on feature, now the problem i face is hell of lag in scrolling pages, for example when i scroll page down fast n want to stop it somewhere by pressing my thumb, it doesnt stop, i cannot factory reset it because it boots into custom recovery… N it is not the mod because i was using it flawlessly with sense 5.5…guide me on what to do or solution on web or anything

  • annoyedatlatestupdate

    How do I get the panorama feature back? I used that ALL THE TIME!

  • Zsolt Ivanovics

    The live weather wallpaper is missing! Is it?

    • No, it’s not “Missing” since you’re not talking about Sense 6. Sense 6 doesn’t have such a thing, and never did. Some progress are to be expected in a new major version of Sense

    • Jaco

      I can’t find it either… I’d love to have it back!

      • If you really want such a thing back: just look around on Play store since there’s several similar things there. It’s not “unique”. But, be aware that it’s a KNOWN battery drainer..

  • lisa

    I liked the weather being above my calendar, or highlights…now I had to use another widget on a different screen 🙁

  • caroline

    I just want the old notification “teal” back. The new one’s aren’t as great but I love everything else they did …just want my ringtones back lol.

  • AV

    If I hold down on the lock screen button and swipe left to go the the ‘main’ home screen, it doesnt take me to my main home screen it always takes me to my left most screen (not blinkfeed), Is this bug/glitch happening to anyone else? it is really frustrating. Anyone know how to fix this issue.

    • No, it’s supposed to do that. I didn’t write it in the order it is on my list. But, Left is “regular homescreen” and Right is Blinkfeed, since you have a blinkfeed icon to the right

      • AV

        sorry i think i didn’t explain it properly, i have 3 panels (with blinkfeed) panels 1,2,3 (not counting blinkfeed as a panel). Panel 2 (middle one) is my ‘home screen’ which when i press my home button it takes me to it, but from the lockscreen when i swipe left its meant to take me to my ‘home screen’ but it takes me to my left most panel (number 1). and when i swipe right on the lockscreen it takes me to blinkfeed which is correct, and when i pull up it unlocks to last app which is also correct, its just the swipe left for home screen that is not working for me as it should

        • It’s still supposed to do that, it’s not home screen left swipe is. Its just to regular screen. If I’ve written anything else, I will have sort that. The left most is the home screens for the regular screens. Confusing as it sounds

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  • freakishkittie

    Double tap on lock screen does not turn off display for me. Fonts are nice but most are too small and if u make font size bigger, the boxes around the fonts blow up and occupy too much space with nothing. I think swipe left is dumb because that is not my home screen, why would I want to slide open to a random screen. I can’t figure out how to rearrange my home screens to place my actual home as first screen on left (aside from blink).

    • imi

      Hi budy
      Today i update my m7 to sense 6 but i cant turn on the screen with tap
      Plz help me if it has special setting

      • as it doesn’t have Motion Launch (that is what does it), you can’t do that with M7.

  • tigkis

    How the heck do u open notifications such as sms or missed calls from lock screen now?
    Before u just had to swipe up the notification now what?

    • done the android standard way now: Swipe and tap. Swipe down on the “widget area”. You see a box around it. Tap what you want to open

  • Raymond

    Before I updated my phone to sense 6, I had several news marked to HTC Reading List. After the update, I can’t remove those news from Reading List in Blinkfeed. Anyone know how to solve this?

    • checked it on my m7/sense 6 and it works just as it should, I had it set to pocket tho. But, I changed to htc reading list and worked just fine. Just check settings for it

  • Raymond

    Before I updated my phone to sense 6, I had several news marked to HTC Reading List. After the update, I can’t remove those news from Reading List in Blinkfeed. When I tried to open the news a notification appears “App isn’t installed”. Anyone know how to solve this?

  • MK

    Hi Tobbe, I have a M7 which I bought last year (not sure what Sense is it on but I didn’t update it until recently). Rebooted it this morning and all my notification tones are gone! T.T I’ve tried to go through your list of notification tones for Sense 5, I still couldn’t find the old notification tone there. The thing is, I couldn’t remember the name of the tone but I’m very sure it’s not in the list. If I didn’t remember wrongly, the name of it has two words instead of one. I’m not sure if it’s in Sense 5 or Sense 5.5. Would you mind to upload the list of notification tones for Sense 5.5 too? Thank you very much!

    • the funny thing is that my zip of sense 5, is sense 5.5 sounds (compared sense 5 and 5.5 and they are the same). Two words notification, that sounds a bit like sense 4.x for me

  • MK

    Hi Tobbe, I have a M7 which I bought last year (not sure what sense is it on fresh from the factory, didn’t update it until a week ago). I rebooted it this morning and all my notification tones are gone! T.T I have gone through your list of notification tones for Sense 5, but I still can’t seem to find my old notification tone! Couldn’t remember the name of it but all I remember is that it has two words instead of one. So, I’m not sure if I could find my old notification tone in Sense 5.5. It would be awesome if you could upload the notification tones for Sense 5.5. Thank you so much!

  • Wojtek

    After the update camera doesn’t seem to catch the focus on too quick. Takes ages to take a nice pic. Also, they have replaced ALL ringtones. I kinda like the old ones 🙁

  • Paul

    The new lock screen is terrible. It isn’t a lock screen any more! swipe in any direction from anywhere on the screen to unlock it? How is that a lock screen?! If I need access to a widget or that tiles app I will UNLOCK THE PHONE. Does anyone at HTC have any common sense?

    • Since you can NOT “swipe in any direction from anywhere” to unlock it. The lock screen used is pretty much the standard Android lock screen, I’m guessing that it’s part of the Google Android design requirement.

      You simply need to know where to swipe. Nothing more and nothing less.

      And it depends on WHERE you swipe on the screen, but that have been the same since early sense 5, at least similar.

      If you want widget: swipe from RIGHT (to left) edge of the screen. It senses where you begin, this isn’t a new thing.

      And what is “tiles app”?? you mean blinkfeed? Swipe to right.

      So, I don’t agree with “terrible”..

  • Kevin Error

    I currently using HTC One M7 and just got the software update 4.4.2 sense 6 few day ago. Everything was cool and I very much love it but it got problems: the news screen is blank with white when I hit the home button right next to the HTC word, and had to go setting to set up again so it can show up. Another thing is the “Add app and widget”, when hold the home screen it show up option, then I lick “Add apps and widget” and it zoom out but very fast then zoom back in, so I cannot add anything. Anyone have any ideas?

  • Sajy2k

    i’m not sure how many of you noticed but after the update, the beats audio has been soften. when i called HTC support, they told me that android decided to reduced the amp for the audio to protect the listeners hearings.. Its no more same like before. The base is very much low and only treble is high. the Beats Audio quality is compromised by doing this…

    • Haven’t noticed that at all myself, the volume I hear as it was before. It’s the same after a factory reset? since that is the pivot point really, to make sure just what it is

    • have not noticed that at ALL, you might have gotten a very generic answer from a call center somewhere. I think what they meant was: there’s a popup that you have to ok for raising the volume beyond a certain point. That is the Android part of it. If you ignore that popup, you get about half the volume.Otherwise: do a factory reset to make sure it’s not your phone..

  • Cabby

    recently updated my one mini and I’m not sold on it yet tbf. Not a fan of the lock screen at all, the 3 way system type unlock they have now is entirely needless. There’s obviously some reason why but when i do swipe up to unlock it, the time and sometimes the whole screen has a box around it, that’s rather unsightly. Time saving wise we’re talking milliseconds, once I unlocked the phone before with a simple swipe anywhere, entered my pattern, I could easily go to blinkfeed etc with another easy swipe. It seems they’ve done it to sound good rather than actually be useful, because once again some will have the pattern lock as well and have to enter that after decided which way to precision swipe, takes away from the simplicity of the update.

    The themes aren’t personalized at all, why there couldn’t be a list of apps that use a coloured header and you having the choice of say purple/green/yellow/orange/red/blue (6 for 6 sense…) and were able to assign a colour to each one yourself, I don’t know. There’s even downloadable fonts, why can’t the same be done for themes.

    Blinkfeed is an eyesore, personally. Often the pictures don’t cover the square it’s assigned which again is unsightly, it seems zoomed out and hard to read.

    The navigations dots on each panel are once again needless. Incredibly needless, if i wanted to have that gap and those dots I’d download a 3rd party launcher.

    I don’t see any improvement in such things like messages apart from a coloured header which shouldn’t be classed as an improvement.

    And just personally, I’d prefer the coloured battery back (green-yellow-red) not a fan of the white battery.

  • PK

    Hi – just updated my HTC mini with Sense 6 and everything is very unresponsive now.. There is a delay between pressing a number when putting in my PIN to unlock and it coming up on the screen. And when typing an sms there is a delay between putting in a few letters and word options appearing, then when selecting a word there’s another delay before it shows on screen. It’s really frustrating! I only have two apps downloaded onto my phone, everything else is standard factory settings. Yesterday it ran perfectly well prior to the ‘upgrade’, now it’s just rubbish! Any suggestions to fix this problem?

    • If you haven’t sorted it out already: factor reset and wipe cache partition.

  • AKL

    I got my m7 some three months ago and loved the colors, font, etc. A week ago, not knowing much about phones, I clicked ok to a software update. The colors have changed, the font has changed and I’m very upset. How do I change it back to the original colors and font?. Thanks

    • Sometimes you just have to adapt a bit to things, the Sense 6 update is one of those things. Since it improves your phone a LOT, it actually makes it quicker. You have 4 different color themes and a range of fonts. Under Settings > Personalize > Theme, there you have the themes. And fonts under Settings > Display, gestures & buttons > Font style. You can install other fonts as well

      • AKL

        Noted. Am getting used to the new 6. Thanks for your reply.

      • Angry

        I’d rather have a slower phone than this horribly ugly update. All the colors are terrible and a severe downgrade from the sleek 5.5. I shouldn’t have to adapt to something significantly worse, whoever thought to put green everywhere and refuse to let me customize colors fully (4 preset all-ugly themes is unacceptable) should be fired.

        Unless the next Sense brings back the old look (or at least the option to get it back), this is bad enough that my next phone isn’t going to be an HTC.

  • Adnan

    What I really find ridiculous is that M7 has absolutely no Korean support, system is available in Korean but there is no Korean keyboard even though there are some keyboards that are used almost on the tribal level. How can this be? I had to install workarounds, and unofficial keyboards that are not even close to the original HTC sense input and I’m really disappointed. Maybe to someone this feels like a minor issue still I dont understand that there is Arabic, Thai, Chinese….every possible language but no Korean!!!

  • Krishiee .

    When do we get the lollipop?? I have the m7 and been reading news about lollipop everywhere, and i still don’t have it, it says there are no updates available for your phone, so when are we the users of m7 are getting it!!

  • Krishiee .

    How do we know that our phone is google play edition!! i have m7