Download of update on HTC One M7 fails for being Corrupted

Just why it happens: I don’t really know. But, there’s a fix for it.

Settings > Apps > All > Updater, where you clear everything you can.
AND RESTART your phone! Important step.

And try again, sometimes you need to repeat the first step. But, sooner or later it will work

  • Roy

    I have been trying to update my phone over the past 6 months and I was almost on the verge of buying a new one.
    This worked !
    The download is taking place as I’m typing this.

    You are a life saviour. Thank you !

  • Jensen_J

    Excellent, thanks. Been trying it occasionally and always that corrupted message. I didn’t need to reboot the phone though. I’ve got an M8 now, but this will be a great backup device once lollipop drops.

  • mep79

    i dont see Apps in Settings!

  • Phil

    it worked!

  • Ann Sawyer

    My phone doesn’t show any all inclusive “apps” choice. If I go to Applications under Settings I have to choose a particular one. And no matter which I choose I see no “Updater” option. Any help? I’ve had this update running all day long and because of the lousy connection where I am (1 bar is typical) it’s not gonna go anywhere – it says 0% as it has for 7 hours now.

  • Waleed bin waheed

    i tried but its still not working please help me