More on why there’s no Flash Player in 4.4.2 on HTC One

I still see this question, and I guess that we’ll see it a bit more.

So, why did HTC remove Flash Player support?

This is actually a pretty easy question to answer: Since Adobe have stopped supporting it, they stopped all further developments on it in late 2011/early 2012.  Flash Player for mobile have been removed from Play store as well. So, there’s nothing to support anymore.

why no flash

But, sites are still using it??

Yes, on desktop sites Flash player is still common. But, it’s not the only solution now. Push on the site owner to make a phone friendly site, since Flash for mobile is a technology that’s simply not used anymore. It’s been known for over 2 years as well, so it’s not news really. You can pretty easy use html5 to play videos on most devices, you have an example on that HERE which will play on almost any device (mobile or not).

  • kozjegyzo

    Use Dolphin browser if you need flash content displayed 🙂

  • zlirgi

    On last version I installed the old version of adobe flash on my htc one and it was working fine with htc internet browser but now I nstalled latest android official update and your your browser not supporting flash, you say that adobe stopped supporting your device, if it is so why on my friends htc is working old version of flash.why dont you leave in your browser flash support? Because old adobe flash is working with it, stop lying to people, now my htc one is peace of crap without flash