Why battery icon is white in the new 4.4.2 update for HTC One

The answer is actually pretty easy for this:

  1. It’s how Google have designed Android 4.4 to be.
  2. Google have with 4.4 introduced design guidelines for makers using Google Android, more or less “if you want to use android (including Play store, this is the conditions for that”. I think that it’s for users to not be confused over what Android is and so on. HTC have with current Sense version moved closer to how Google designed Android.

why battery is white

Choosed to red out profile name and profile picture of the person asking, for personal integrity.
  • Jp

    Is there any way to get the green color back?

    • It’s white now, and will stay white: until Google decides on something else

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  • calin

    i want to roll back

  • Sarah

    I want my green back. Also i want the Beats audio to be red agian. It looks pathetic and just like the iPhone -_- Not happy!

    • It’s been similar looks on a bunch of phones before the new ios7 look on iphone or any iphone. I prefer this over the holo blue I have to say. And: the beats logo, there’s 2 variants of it, it’s red on my One with 4.4.2/sense 5.5. This is how Google want Android to look, there’s not much “pathetic” about it. And: we all like different, there’s designs I rather not look at that someone else just LOVE. But, I think it’s a pretty good thing that all android devices should share some designs so people don’t see them as totally different things. And: Google have started to make demands on the designs as well..

      • zain ahmed

        Thats just crap….google like it this way or google like it that way….google should consider what people are comfortable with…not like dictating trends in a super imposing manner.

  • courtney

    I absolutely hate it ! I want the green back! Im not happy at all it looks ridiculous!

  • jerry

    Google it’s the people you have to make happy not yourselfs. It’ll be bad business if they can’t customize their phones to their likings it’s their money that made this happen only business thing to do is allow a app that will customized colors and shapes of battery and status bars to their liking

  • AJ

    They should’ve at least given an option to choose between each. My way or the highway – Google motto.

  • brittanyy

    When charginq my phone there was a red x in the battery symbol on the top of my notificatoon bar . Anyone know why ?

    • Joseph Rodriguez

      Probably because you plugged your phone into something that doesn’t meet the required voltage level for your phone to receive a proper charge. Try plugging in to the correct adaptor head for a healthy charge. If this doesn’t work you may need a new charger or new battery.

  • Ryan S.

    I hate change but I needed the update. Our hands are tied?!?! Such is being American….