Changes in the Android 4.4.2/Sense 5.5 update for HTC One

This is on a regular European non-branded One (CID HTC__Y13), so there’s no network/carrier additions to it.

If you’re on the American One
You need to read THIS as well, as that covers more of the bits added to Sense 5.5.

Edit: I’ll add the “why things are the way they are now” posts up here.

What HTC say about it

  • Android 4.4.2 update
  • Security enhancements
  • Cloud print service
  • New Bluetooth profiles to support more media interactions
  • Support of Flash Player removed

What I’ve found so far

  1. When setting up phone from scratch, you get asked if you want to use Hangouts for texts (sms). Hangouts pre-installed.
  2. Immersive mode, when using apps like Moon+Reader you will not get bothered by visual notifications. You swipe down for a skinny notification bar.
  3. If you have home button set to “swipe up for Google Now”, it will get presented like it is on aosp Android. A button on the screen. Photo of it above.
  4. Battery icon in notification bar changed to reflect the white 4.4 look
  5. XT9 is back
  6. You can set default SMS app in Settings > More.. In case you selected Hangouts during setup and what to go back.
  7. A connected Bluetooth headset now shows song title and caller ID and such.
  8. The “turn off Animations in dev options” bug is gone.
  9. Tap & pay option under Settings > More… > NFC, this I can’t test being in Sweden.
  10. In quick settings you have a new icon for HTC MIni+
  11. Alarm will no longer turn phone on from OFF like it did in 4.3.


March 20: There was a little issue with some wifi routers not working, but that have been resolved with a recent update (called 4.19.401.11 here in Europe).

March 17: And the dreaded Speakerphone issue, that turned out to be Google Chrome causing it, with the Chrome update released March 17th that problem is gone (at least should be gone).

So, right now I can’t find anything that resembles a bug.

Common Questions

No, “ok google” isn’t a part of 4.4. It’s a part of the Google Experience Launcher (GEL) used on Nexus 5 (with 4.4), and exclusively on Nexus 5 right now, it’s not even a part of 4.4 on Nexus 7 (both 2012 and 2013) and Nexus 4. You can use it on One with 4.4 if you install GEL, more about that HERE. GEL is now called Google Now Launcher (GNL).

ART (experimental runtime in 4.4) isn’t included in 4.4.2 on One since it’s simply still experimental. More about that HERE

Yes, NO flash anymore. Part of why is that Adobe stopped development on it over TWO years ago. More about that HERE

 Things that are the same

  • Lock screen is the very same way as in 4.3

Overall impression

It’s a nice little update, it wasn’t gonna be big chances as it’s “just” 4.4 with the same Sense version as before. But, it’s nice and smooth. Touch feels a tiny bit more responsive than before.  I see this a VERY good update, and I haven’t found ANY little glitches in it.

I’ve missed something?

Then Let me know


  • Islam Ta’lab

    What about the notification bar, is it support being transparent in another non stock launchers like nova as in stock android 4.4 or just like 4.3 and only transparent in htc sense launcher?

    • that is a launcher thing, as it’s on Nexus 5 you’ll find that (GEL)

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  • sagar1989

    What are the security enhancements in 4.4.2?

  • john

    Lock screen has changed. Can not have different wallpaper than home screen.(unlike) Clock moved down. Smaller area to slide to unlock. Must pull from bottom now.( unlike) Added widgets if slide from right side. (Like)

  • idan

    I’m in shock HTC still have not found it necessary to make a button that will close all open applications (instead of wipe them all one by one) and second, a button that will allow to wake the phone by not only the top button.
    2 changes that are so necessary just amazes me still not done.

    • A) since that is against how android works, it will cause more problem than give you a “solution”. B ) SInce they use their own way? and always have? assume that the ones using other ways got serious patents on it. LIke: with a software patent, I can patent how you do a thing. And then I can prevent you from using the same method, and sue you for millions if you use it..

    • John Muchow

      Agree… those are my only two gripes with the fabulous HTC One!

  • george varghese

    purple tint camera….is not fixed…n im ot getting replacement….

  • Bhushan A

    It broke the Do Not Disturb anyone facing that issue. Its not working at all.

    • Not for me, I assume you’ve got problems with your phone. I’ve tested it several times on 4.4.2, and it works just fine. It does what it’s supposed to, rejects call. Texts are shown by without sound notification, exceptions works as well

  • Olaf

    Login password seems different

  • guilevp

    when you are looking at a picture the share button doesnt work

    • sue

      Mine won’t either. Been looking for answer for two days. Can not find any. If you did please share

      • That used to be a bug in 4.3 that was caused by animations being turned off under Developer options. I can’t replicate that on my One with 4.4.2

        • manny

          Ur right It was a known issue then..however it is now user error from not clearing cache…the HTC one needs to have a wipe cache partition done…this will clear cache causing the share screen not coming on..and when u look at a a pic in gallery u can share again and the options will come up

  • djinn123

    I think I’ll pass. I don’t wanna update in a hurry and then find another unfixable bug, like what happened to my camera when I upgraded to 4.3 (the infamous purple hue bug- yes it’s a software bug, a bug that requires replacement of the camera hardware to fix apparently!).
    Knock yourself out guys! Good luck!

  • John

    How do you add apps to the new home button set to “swipe up for Google Now”??

    • You don’t. As that is only for Google Now, at least right now. We’ll see if Google changes that in the future

  • paddy

    this update has changed my gmail/calendar setting not happy

  • kopeboy

    Guys I need help.
    I did the update yesterday night. I used the phone, everything alright. I went to sleep. I wake up the morning after and the phone screen is black. Phone functions in the background but I can’t see anything. Trying to switch off does nothing. Also, I’m experiencing a strange behaviour: if I switch off (holding the top buttom), phone will automatically switch on immediately after.

  • Jodi Cameron

    Updated now will not connect to wifi any ideas

  • Anya

    It made the colours different on my phone and i REALLY DISLIKE the colours it has chosen!! I want my old colours 🙁

    • I assume that you’re talking about Sense 6, since it’s the recent update where colors are changed more than between sense 5.0 and 5.5. But: as you have 4 different themes (including one dark/black) under Settings > Personalize > Themes: there must be colors that you don’t dislike that much..

  • Monica Jacquette

    HATE HATE HATE the new update. Since the update my phone is super quite, and is almost impossible to hear people when talking. I have other dislikes about the update as well, but the sound profile is the worst.

  • SA

    What’s the N symbol next to my signal bars.

  • maria

    I really hate the blue color on my txt message screen…any help in changing it?

    • I assume sense 6 (this isn’t the post for it tho): there is 4 different themes under Settings > Personalize, the last one is dark/black: not a lot of colors anywhere. Or try the other two…

  • Tone

    Can anyone offer any advice why I’m getting really poor battery life now I’ve upgraded to 4.4.2
    It was fine before!

  • Peter

    Missing the alarm feature. Updated this week only to find that when the phone is OFF totally the alarm won’t kick in & wake me up in the morning. I could change the way I do things & leave phone in airplane mode all night, but that seems a bit stupid as I’m leaving an electronic device running while I’m asleep (which I don’t like for health reasons) & also it wastes battery power.
    I’ve used this feature for 12 mths & miss it ! Hope programmers @ Android read this post!

    • firstly: there is absolutely no risk in keeping it on (even without airplane mode). There is NO apparent health risks in that AT all. Turn of the mobile data connection if you’re using that, or simply use Wifi. This is no more a risk than having a clock radio by your bed. That feature was there for just a VERY short while (in the 4.3 update) since most people complained about that a LOT, there was hate connected to it. “when my phone is OFF. It’s OFF”. And so on. Most didn’t know about it, and the few that did: didn’t tell HTC how much they loved it. And, HTC tends to listen. And if 500 people says that they HATE it.. well, guess what’s gonna happen. But, let HTC know that you want such a feature back

  • Peter

    Samsung Galaxy S 8″:
    No bluetooth tethering
    No option to limit app updates to WIFI only
    Various other features removed
    And this is on a rooted device!