Disable Cell Broadcast on HTC One

Simply a short broadcast message, that can be very annoying if your network uses it.

Simply go to Settings > Call > Cell Broadcast, and make sure it’s unticked (disabled).  When you disable it will ask you to erase all channels, just press ok. It’s the same/similar setting on other htc phones.

  • Sérvulo

    There is not this option in 4.4.2. And now? 🙁

    • just checked on my regular non-branded swedish HTC One and settings for cell broadcast is there, in the same place. Do you have a network/carrier variant of it?

    • anant

      Just put you sim in any other single sim phone might be nokia lower range phone and then go to call settings and off the broadcast message that would work and put back again ur sim to ur phone and use it enjoy

  • fadil

    cell broad cast is there but it is in faded state. cant click on it

  • LOVE

    Thanks a ton……It really worked..these messages were very annoying!!!

  • stefski

    hey guys, I’ve just done the htc sense 6 update, and doing so, it has enabled again the cb broadcast; I’m going into the correct setting to disable it, but the option is greyed. I can’t disable that annoying option.
    is anybody in the same situation?

  • Marcílio Quintino

    you saved my life!