How to use Pocket with Blinkfeed in Sense 5.5

This is for Sense 5.5 only, it will not work on Sense 5.0, as Sense 5.0 doesn’t have a Read it later function inside Blinkfeed.

What is Pocket?

it’s a tool for making it “read it later” lists which you can access on phone and on other devices. Read more about it on their site

So, how do you do it?

  • You simply install Pocket, and start the app where you sign up and so on.
  • Setup inside Blinkfeed Settings > Reading list, where you set it to Pocket.

And how do I use it?

  • When you open a story that’s on the Blinkfeed system you will see a Read later button on the lower left hand corner.
  • Longpress a Blinkfeed story on the main blinkfeed, select Read later.


That’s it, now you can read things later in Pocket. On phone or computer.