How to set up lock screen on HTC One with 4.3/4.4.2 and Sense 5.5

Yes, it DO locks very different now. You can’t set a lock screen theme under Personalize, but that doesn’t mean that you can have widgets on it or show missed calls and such on it. Edit: it looks the same way on 4.4.2/Sense 5.5.  Edit 2: but not in Sense 6

What you can do

Add widgets to it

Swipe to the left in the upper right part of the display, you will see a + sign: click on it to add Widget(s)

Enable  notifications
Under Settings > Security > Notification settings, you have choices for what to show on the lock screen. So, you can see what you have upcoming in Calendar and so on.  A little thing about this: you have “Notification preview” as a choice in settings for Message and such as well.

Music control
You can control if you want see music control or not, you have a bigger widget for this as well.

Go directly to a security lock
By ticking Bypass lock screen on wake under Settings > Security. This REQUIRES a security lock to work.

What you can’t do

  • Set a different lock screen wallpaper
  • Disable the lock screen without using a security lock
  • Set a lock screen theme

Did I miss something?

Please Let me know!

  • Dino

    I cannot disable the lock screen at all since I ran the OTE update to Android 4.3 Whether I use a security lock or not the lock screen is always there when I click the power button to turn the screen on. This is really driving me nuts.

    • cheng

      me too, what a suck design

    • yeah, it’s just a part of it. It’s just to accept how it is now. Could it change to 4.4? could be. Don’t see this as the “final” design of it

      • Annoyed

        It’s so stupid. By pressing the button at the top I am telling my HTC to turn on because I want to use it. But no, before I do that it needs to check that I really want to use it, so I have to unlock it. What moron came up with that idea. You mean..’you really want to turn it on?’ Duh.

  • Max

    I also want to be able to remove that friggin lock screen, it’s so annoying!

  • Edward Lin

    for people who really want to set different wall paper on lock screen, please petition here!!!

  • Edward Lin
  • mothergoose85

    Thanks for the article, I always forget the settings are now under Security. I really feel like Sense gets in the way of Stock Android these days (my Nexus 7 is now a better experience).

    • Still, screen lock is almost pure aosp. So, you can’t say that sense gets in the way of that really. I use both aosp 4.4 (n7 2nd) and 4.3 sense 5.5 and often I miss sense apps in the n7. Sure, the other way too. But, often sense things are a little more thought out with a little more finesse

      • mothergoose85

        I agree with you – I actually think their original implementation was brilliant (prior to Android supporting lock screen widgets natively).

        Now it feels like they have complicated a very simple piece of functionality by putting the menu options in a different place, that was all I was thinking.

        I mean yes, Security is probably the correct sub menu but having it living under Personalise like it was before also made sense, they could have left it there.

  • Rob

    So where did the lock screen wallpaper go?

    Yes, I noticed this feature had disappeared today when my phone upgraded to Sense 5.5 and Android 4.3. Although I couldn’t see anything that it was going to do this prior to the upgrade, there only seems to be limited information about what the upgrade actually changes.

    Since they got rid of the feature to display Owner Information on the lock screen in case I misplace my (really quite expensive!) phone, and also sealed the battery inside the HTC one so I can’t stick a business card in there with my contact details so that if somebody finds my phone, they might just be able to return it to me, I used the Lock Screen wallpaper to put my owner information on that screen.

    Now this is gone too… sigh.

    It would seem that there’s no reason for getting rid of this, other than perhaps certain mobile operators do not want customers to remove their logo or advertising from the lock screen every time they get their phone out of their pocket, you have to be advertised at. Otherwise, why the hell remove this functionality?

    Seems paying lots of money for a handset even without a contract to a particular network doesn’t escape you from this crapness.

    • a) there’s apps for that, if you really want it. b) personal guess is to speed up updates, since it’s how aosp android handles lock screen. I just want them to go MORE aosp with it, If they go that route. We’ll see what 4.4 will have, since its not far away

      • Rob

        Yes, great. Now I have to pay for a third party app to get back a feature they they didn’t bother to tell me was going to be removed that was previously included. Are there any release notes anywhere I can read before installing future ‘gee, I wonder what the hell they’ve removed this time’ surprise updates. I have installed a third party lock screen thing, it does the job, but it is a bit ugly compared to what was there before. It’s a bit like taking your car for a service and finding they’ve removed the radio because it was looking a bit old. Solution: buy a new car radio. Sure, it’s not the end of the world, the car still works, but not perhaps the best way to keep customers happy….!

        • eh, what? Not even close: they have NOT changed the core functions (added to that instead). And: lock screen on htc phones have ALWAYS changed over the sense version. The phone nuts like me: we see what we GAIN instead and not the TWO things we lose. Sure; I would have preferred lock screen to be more like older type of sense, but this is what it is NOW. If it will change? Yes it will

          • Rob

            Well, I guess you are more used to putting up with it than I am. I’ve only had this phone a couple of months. Clearly I’m not allowed to have the temerity to think that anyone would bother to think about the needs of the customer. No, the arrogant developers always know best, to hell with what I want, because shelling out $800 (£500) on the handset isn’t enough! Worse, there’s no way I can seem to get warnings of what will happen before I apply the mystery meat upgrade to my phone. I’ve just got to suck it up, with no way I can see to downgrade it! Really makes me confident to apply future upgrades, that. 🙂

        • rome

          This is called car hifi hijacking 😀 and you should consider to change your garage 😉 really miss owner info… You cant just remove the most important thing :-

  • tony-guitar

    I’ve also just downloaded 4.3 on my HTC One Mini, and also find the disappearing Lock Screen wallpaper entry annoying. I use the Holo wallpaper behind all my screens as the widgets/icons really stand out. However I also had a picture of my Granddaughter on the Lock Screen. It’s pointless using any pic from gallery now cos you wont see it, or the widgets, on the other screens! This download has also changed the way my gallery is displayed. Something else to annoy me. Hopefully I can change it’s appearance.

  • SANK

    Yes. The fact that the it forces you to have a lock screen is incredibly annoying. It is driving me absolutely nuts.

  • Eugene

    Thanks for the article. I have one question though. I can only set one widget on the lock screen of my HTC One Mini. Is that how it is supposed to be? I find it weird. Thanks!

    • not sure if it’s the same way on One mini as on One, but there you can swipe the widget you’ve added to to left (swipe from right to left) and you’ll get a + button

  • dustin

    Wtf I have to have a lock on my phone now take it off

  • MrAttentionDuelist

    i just updated my phone today [4/5/14] and it switched my lock screen image. now i cant find where to set it to what i want. They removed the “Lock Screen Design” option with this update

    • for non-branded regular phones it went in 4.3/sense 5.5 update about 6 months ago, for carrier device it was in the 4.4 update. I would guess: to follow the google design guidelines a bit, since they have started to set rules on how things looks and works. Or just wanted a simpler lock screen. But, if it’s really important there’s always 3rd party lock screens, you have Cover and Aviate that’s pretty nice

  • jenn

    What you can’t do
    Set a different lock screen wallpaper
    Disable the lock screen without using a security lock
    Set a lock screen theme
    …but that’s what I want to do…go figure 🙁



  • Sharon

    Hi i used to use the power button to lock and unlock the screen but it suddenly has stopped working. What could be the problem

  • Hannah

    I just wanted to be able to change my lock screen style, the one I have now is annoying and hard to use. When I go to swipe to the left in order to get to the widgets I have on there, it never works and instead it just goes to the keypad for my password.

  • jill

    I choice my pic which i set as wallpaper but useless. Even though it’s said:” the photo was set sucessfully”