Using ADB and Fastboot tools to get more information about your HTC phone

Like about your One or whatever it is, this will give you needed information like what type of One it is and so on. WIll show your IMEI and so on, it’s very useful if you want to have all phone info in a file (just copy and paste into a text or word document).

– windows computer
– usb debugging turned ON, if you can’t find Developer options in phone: Read this
 usb cable (of course)

Edit: I assume that you’ve got a properly setup Android SDK or mini installation with ADB/Fastboot. If you need more help, you’ve got that HERE.

This guide is based on WIndows 8

First you need to open command line interface, in windows 8[.1] you press windows button + R (run) where you enter


which will open the command line.

NB! with 4.3 on your HTC One you will get asked on phone to ok the usb debugging mode from computer.

If you want to make sure that your phone is connected:

adb devices

Which will simply list android device connected to computer (devices with usb debugging turned ON). This isn’t really necessary as it’s a part of the commands used later on, but sometimes it’s a useful way to make sure all things are GO.

First we need to reboot phone into bootloader mode
This you can either do manually, or with ADB and Fastboot installed on computer. You have a simple way HERE how, or use the more complex android sdk way. Simply use a ADB command for it.

adb reboot bootloader

This will force the phone to reboot into bootloader, if everything works like it’s supposed to, you will see windows load the fastboot driver (this will fail on htc one running 4.2.2 against a windows 8.1 computer, so don’t use a 4.2.2 One against win 8.1), and “fastboot usb” on the phone display.

Now you enter the fastboot main command with the command getvar (get variable) and “all” as parament for that

fastboot getvar all

Which will get you a list of various variables on the phone with model and such useful things.

Edit: Dec 12 2015
And, if you want to output this to a textfile, you can’t use the standard dos output since fastboot.exe doesn’t support that. So you have to use the 2nd output.

fastboot getvar all 2> phoneinfo.txt

That will create a text-file called “phoneinfo.txt” in the folder where you stand when you enter that command.

When you’re done, simply enter

fastboot reboot

Which just reboots phone out of bootloader mode. Done! See, that wasn’t hard now was it?


And as usual: if you find an error in text or something that’s pure wrong, please LET ME KNOW

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  • anonymus

    abd reboot bootloader
    should be… adb reboot bootloader
    you did a typo there ^^

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  • DanMan32

    Something is missing in these instructions. I get ‘adb is not recognized as an internal or external command’ I expected that as I was pretty sure adb was not a native command in Windows.

    • Kinda assumed that people would have it setup before, but did a little edit. It’s simply that you need to add the path of it to the windows Path.

  • Abhishek

    it showed nothing
    what is gone wrong can you plz explain.
    Btw another question
    My device’s internal storage is 8gb
    Earlier it used to show let say 5.7 GB available out of 8 GB when i looked under storage in setting panel.
    But something went wrong last time when I installed a custom rom
    and it just shows 4.13 available out of 6 GB.
    I tried to wipe data using cwm no progress same result only 6 GB available.
    Tried wiping all the partitions using fastboot -w command still no +ve result.
    Tried formatting each partition individually using fastboot but no result this time too. Used fastboot erase commands.
    it would be really helpful if you can help me out with this problem.

    Device : xiaomi redmi 1s
    current OS : miui v5 (stock rom)
    Problem stated above occured after I installed Mokee 5.02 rom release.
    Custom recovery currently using cwm v6.0.3.6
    tried using twrp recovery too but still no good result for me.

  • Vishal Mamidi

    showing nuthing

  • JewbixCube

    Where exactly in the output does it show the IMEI number? I’m not seeing that in the output of getvar all.

    • Should be about in the middle of it. At least it is for me. Some phones might act in a different way. To get imei only, try: fastboot getvar imei. This should return imei as the only output

      • JewbixCube

        Thanks. Found it in the SIM tray instead. Just had to squint.

        • Yeah, and if it’s indeed a HTC phone. It can be seen under Settings > Phone identity. Or in dialer doing a *#06#

          • JewbixCube

            My phone won’t boot and I threw the box away, so the SIM card tray option was perfect. Thanks for all the info.

          • Ah! Explains it. And, that I didn’t know myself even. Have to look with the phones I’ve got to see if they indeed got that. Edit: yes it does. In TINY letters..

  • Anonymous bin Ich