Changes in the Sense 5.5/Android 4.3 update for HTC One

This is both a list of what htc lists and what I’ve discovered myself in the update, perhaps haven’t found all bits yet. But, Let Me Know if you find something that I haven’t listed.

Just to be overly clear: this is about 4.3/sense 5.5 on non-branded EMEA/APAC HTC One. Software for HTC One Mini/Max and carrier/network variants of HTC One might contain different software and/or settings.

What HTC lists in the update

System improvements

  • Android 4.3 and htc sense 5.5

Video highlights improvements

  • Updated interface
  • Add soundtracks to videos

Blinkfeed improvements

  • Access recommended news from your social network
  • Additional global news sources
  • Save articles to read later or offline
  • Create custom feeds from news media, twitter and youtube

Music improvements

  • Updated interface
  • Embedded music channel with new scenes

Sense TV improvements

  • Updated interface
  • Add My Picks Page to improve program management

Droider findings

Cool new things

  • Do Not Disturb, very cool thing that simply sets phone in Do No Disturb mode. You can set for how long and who/to be excluded from it. Turns of sound, notifications and all such things that might disturb. Accessed for the pull down quick settings menu.
  • Gallery have changed a lot. Albums now have a tiled look much like events, and you can now see your HTC Shares and even delete those (and see how much space there’s left there). VIdeo highlights got all new themes, and you can even add your own music.
  • In Camera Sweep Panorama can now be both landscape or portrait. Camera UI changed a bit, you see text Zoe under the Zoe button. And when you start Camera you see how many photos and minutes video there’s left on the phone’s storage.
  • With screen lock active, swipe to the left in the upper right part of the screen. Then you get a + sign where you can add screen lock widgets.
  • Under Call in Settings you have Phone Notification Preview, which shows you caller ID missed calls on screen lock and status bar.
  • If you don’t want both lock screen and security screen you can disable screen lock (you need a security lock first) under Settings > Security > Bypass lock screen on wake.
  • Select what kind of notifications you want on lock screen under Settings > Security > Notification Settings. You can select: Phone (shows missing calls), Voice mail, Text messages, Emails and Calendar.
  • Select if you want Music playback controls on not on your lock screen under Settings > Security > Music Playback
  • With Developer options active, option Stay awake is now back. Which keeps the display on while charging.
  • Pull down quick settings menu can now be customized, with up to 12 quick settings.
  • In Weather app you can now select temperature scale under Settings.
  • You can add your Google+ account in Blinkfeed.
  • Disable Blinkfeed by longpressing empty area of a regular screen, then tapping “Blinkfeed on” on the upper left hand corner. Which turns blinkfeed off.
  • Under Sleep mode in Settings > Power, you can now set start and end of Sleep mode or have it set as Auto.
  •  With phone turned off: alarms can now turn phone on, then trigger the alarm. And when you dismiss the alarm phone gets turned back to its previous state (off), this is a major thing.
  • Zoom-bar in camera is hidden, you pinch-zoom to control zooming (zoom-bar is shown when you pinch-zoom).
  • Connect charger to phone while it’s off while show a charging “animation” on the display for a while.
  • Shows icon for NFC on notification bar, a stylized N. Turn if off by disabling NFC in Settings > More.., and untick NFC.

Things different from Sense 5.0, things that are “missing”

  • Screen lock option gone from Personalize, there is no settings for any kind of screen lock theme under Settings. You can’t set screen lock theme to “none”, and there is no way to set wallpaper for lock screen since screen lock themes are gone.
  • T9 layout gone from stock keyboard.

Known bugs (this is for the 4.3/sense 5.5 update for non-branded One, version 3.62.401.1)

  • With Animations turned OFF under Developer options, Share menus and things will simply not work. It affects more than just one thing, so: keep animations ON. So, if you’re affected: Set all Animations to 1 and restart phone (that part is important).

And: a bug isn’t a bug unless you can replicate it on more than one phone, and after a factory reset.


  • Jonas

    Smilies i sms saknas. Eller finns det en inställning för det?

    • tror inte att det finns nån inställning för det, kan iaf inte hitta nån

      • dee

        Also the sense 5.5 browser removes article view (read mode) , bummer..

        • article view? explain a bit now, since it still got the reading list and such. Not sure what you’re referring to

          • Richard Polhill

            It used to have a menu item which cleaned up web pages for reading á la Instapaper/Readability/Pocket.

            My advice: install one of these apps, although I can understand you missing this feature if you used it.

          • it did? never saw that on my one at all, perhaps wasn’t looking for it either

          • Dennis Thorne

            If u have sense 5.0 on most webpages, top left in address bar look for four arrows pointing inward,best feature iI miss it works like iphiPhone reader mode…

          • perhaps a country/region thing, looked at another sense 5.0 phone (one x+) and it doesn’t have anything that looks or works that. Haven’t seen that even on my One with sense 5.0, but i’m in sweden..

          • Dennis Thorne

            On HTC website it is/was advertised as a new feature for the HTC One M7

  • Bjørn Kristoffer Kjelsrud

    They should not have removed T9 keyboard…

    • still, T9 keyboard on a full hd phone? it’s a bit 1990’s over that me thinks. But, we’re all different: not that you can’t get a T9 keyboard if you really want it. I think that they did it to allow more languages to the keyboard list.

      • Bjørn Kristoffer Kjelsrud

        LOL I know… but I like writing texts with one hand… and that’s much easier with a T9 keyboard. Besides, I’ve got big fingers and the keys are very very small… Thinking I might buy me one that has T9 from playstore:) Other than the missing keyboard I really like the upgrade:)

    • magicbeans

      I couldn’t agree more! HTC consider removing the t9 keyboard as an enhancement. What a joke. Cannot text one handed anymore. Not happy . .

  • saas lesa

    What about purple tint on camera in low light?Is it fixed, worse, or same?

    • I have no idea: as I’ve never seen it on any One’s. It seems to be mostly hardware, and when it’s hardware: some with it gets a bit better, and some worse: get it repaired or replaced if you have that issue with it

    • Jon Mayes

      that is a hardware fault – get your camera replaced

  • Nick James

    I’ve noticed something different.

    I have an official HTC car dock. When you put the phone into the dock, car mode opens. This can run in either portrait or landscape. I always run it in landscape. If you keep the phone in the dock but hit the back button, it will ask you if you want to leave car mode. If hit yes, the normal sense home screen opens. As usual, these screens are only portrait.

    However, since the 4.3 and sense 5.5 update, when I now exit car mode the sense home screen opens – IN LANDSCAPE!! Fully functioning android in landscape just like my Nexus 7.

    Having it in the car dock is the only way I can get it running in landscape.

    Anyone else notice this happening?

    • Tom

      Same with me…. only in the dock with power supply connected it works in landscape, not when disconnected from dock

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  • martynalexandro

    I cannot activate the developer options since I was already a Developer.

    Now, when I try to activate the Stay awake (during charging). this option is grayed out. Does anyone has any idea of what may be happening?

    • well, then you don’t have to activate it: if it’s already visible as that is just to get it to show. If everything inside Developer options is greyed out: it’s turned OFF, you turn it on with the button on the upper right hand corner

      • martynalexandro

        Thank you! But I already have this option on!

        • wild guess: you have an exchange account added to the phone? that apparently got a “security measure” that turns off a few things

          • martynalexandro

            Nope! But I had to install Google Policy Manager or something like that in order to have my company GMail on the mobile…

            Thank you for your big help!

          • yeah, that would do it

          • martynalexandro

            Thank you!

  • Mutty

    Really lame that the Screen lock option is now gone from Personalize – I want this. Wish I never updated :-(. Join the petition:

    • lame that it does screen lock like in 4.3? or what do you mean? since the only thing you can’t do in aosp 4.3 lock screen is to disable it completely or change wallpaper background. Rest you can do. I seriously doubt that a petition will change anything

    • Ralph

      My photo gallery used to scroll when I first switched on. That’s gone now and I can’t find a way to ‘re enable. Any ideas?

  • martynalexandro

    Hey! I just noticed that I can no longer share my ZOE shots with HTC Zoe Share. It’s like that, or it’s just me?

    • that gotta be just you, I can do that on my One. But: you always share it VIA but post the link to fb or whatever: that is what you see.

      • martynalexandro

        Well, I cannot share Zoes,,, I don’t have the HTC ZOE Share on the menu :(When trying to Share one ZOE captured ‘pict/movie’)

        • when I tried that: it saves the zoe to and then just shares the link. Which you would do anyway..

          • martynalexandro

            I cannot find it on the share menu! 🙁

    • Madalyn Borders

      I can’t share any photos anymore.

  • dan

    I liked the option of having my gallery pics on the lock screen! I want it back, is there a way to have my photos as lock screen???? or are we just left with nothing now 🙁

    • J Bainbridge

      There is, I just saw it not 5 mins ago. Enjoy it before theif next update strips it away!

  • Geoffrey Troughton

    Ever since I updated I have lost smiley faced emoticons from messages (texts). Have these been lost in the new version?

    • Geetz

      Yes, where did it all go?

  • Edward Lin

    For people who really want to set a different wall paper in lock screen! Please petition here!!

    • That is a lost cause and you know it. Might HTC change that in future updates? Could be. And I do not appricate that you spam with that url, once is enough

  • Twinax Nmvgz

    How about “no more increasing alarm tone ” :((

    • it never had such a thing? I can’t find such a thing on any of my htc phones (even those on 4.2.2/sense 5.0). At least I haven’t noticed that on any of my phones that I’ve got now. I can set a volume of alarms, but I can’t do a “increasing” thing where volume gets higher and higher

      • Twinax Nmvgz

        I am pretty sure alarms rang with increasing tone. Since update(4.1/5 -> 4.3/5.5) this feature is gone.

        • never seen that on ANY htc phone. Perhaps you had an app for it?

          • Twinax Nmvgz

            Nope. Used the default alarm. Every morning he used to wake me up with increasing tone, and every tea time I had for lots of months I was able to hear it in my back pocket cuz of the increasing tone..Alas, its all gone now..

          • I have never seen or heard about this function on HTC One, nobody else have. Apparently it never had such a function. YOu’re not talking about Pocket Mode under Settings > Sound?

          • Twinax Nmvgz

            If it was from the pocket mode and it was not supposed to be, then it`s been fixed… I still have it ON, but the alarm is not the same anymore.

          • Alarm haven’t changed. Pocket mode haven’t changed. There haven’t been such a thing in the alarm, present or past.

          • Twinax Nmvgz

            There was such thing. And since its gone, there was a change. I really doubt you’ve used this device for more than a day since you are unaware of this.

          • I wouldn’t say things that you can’t backup now. HTC One never had it, or ANY other htc phone. Not as setting in the alarm app. I’ve asked others: there never was

          • Twinax Nmvgz

            Well I guess my device was special then, coz i’m definitely not imagining that. I got my wife and my co-workers to confirm it. Again, it was “happening” on Android 4.1.Also , your tone is getting really shite, so I’m just going to leave you here with your kingdom here.. Thank you for your time!

          • I’m sorry if you took it way: still; there is NO such function INSIDE the alarm app/clock ap (and haven’t been). That is my only point. Still: if they have “confirmed it”, why not SHOW me just what it is. If it’s INDEED pocket mode, and if pocket mode doesn’t work on your phone: that is a DIFFERENT matter. Wouldn’t you agree?

          • Nick

            You’re wrong TobbeDroider. Just because you haven’t seen it DOES NOT MEAN IT DIDNT EXIST. Volume increase on alarm most certainly did exist.

            P.S I signed up just to tell you that, because I was annoyed at your attitude towards it.

          • Nick, this is about a specific phone. It was never about if there ever been a function like. THis is about non-branded non-carrier EMEA/APAC HTC One running android 4.2 and sense 5.0. I know it’s been on certain carrier phones, Rezound or some other phone. BUT: it’s never been a part of HTC One (non-carrier, non-branded). If you can prove or SHOW that this specfic phoine indeed had that function running 4.2.2/Sense 5.0 (EMEA/APAC non-branded non-carrier), then PLEASE show.

          • Crazydodo79

            You are right Twinax, My HTC One mini standard Clock alarm had the increasing alarm function. When you were setting the individual alarms you could add that and individual alarm snooze settings etc. now it appears the settings are separate, only one setting for all alarms and no increasing alarm tones. Also some of the tones have gone. I am gutted about this as it was great to have different settings for each alarm.

          • As we’re not talking about HTC One Mini now, it’s kinda irrelevant now is it? I’m NOT saying that there’s never been such a function: but not on non-branded EMEA/APAC HTC One. Might be on carrier/network versions of HTC One MIni or even HTC One, but this isn’t such a list since the american carrier variants didn’t get Sense 5.5 with 4.3 back then. And software is different on this. Wouldn’t you agree that sticking to topic helps?

          • And: it might have been a part of that american phone since they’ve got different software. And those aren’t HTC One, it doesn’t mean much. On international One: never was an option. I’ve looked EVERYWHERE to find a reference to it. I just can’t find a THING, not a screenshot or ANYTHING. I would LOVE to be proven wrong. But: I’ve asked as many people as I can. Googled it to BITS: I can’t find a SINGLE line about it on HTC One

    • This is a video where alarm is being set on HTC One, and it’s 4.1/sense 5: and I can’t see “increasing alarm” in the alarm/clock app. I am not going after you here: I am trying to make sure I’m correct (I’m swedish and can be a bit “harsh”).

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  • Naomi

    I’m no longer getting text message preview on lock screen. The option in security settings is checked and have looked in message settings too and again it’s still checked but I don’t get the preview. Which is really annoying. I’ve turned my phone off and on had them unchecked and turned it off and on then changed the setting, but with no joy.
    Is this some kind of bug, or is there a way around this?


    • If you have done a factory reset and its still not showing up = bug. If you haven’t done a factory reset = could easy be your phone. A bug is only a bug if it’s there after a factory reset and can replicated. My One does this flawless

    • Penny Cox

      I have the same issue, on a HTC One Mini – is yours a Mini Naomi? Really don’t want to have to do a factory reset to prove it’s a bug though!

      • sara

        Mine is doing exactly the same and nothing seems to change it

  • Worth a try
  • SANK

    Um… this isn’t better. I don’t want my screen to be locked at all. GOD DAMN IT!!!

    • SANK

      Wait is this just me? I tell the phone to have “none” on lock screen but it clicking the top right button, it still locks my screen 🙁

      • herb

        Install cover, then disable it. Now you will not have a lock screen

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  • Frank L Birkhoff

    With Animations turned OFF under Developer options, Share menu not working, this is with 4.4.2 and 5.5 Sense. I already wiped cache and factory reset, still not working. I have to leave animations to .5x or more for share menu to pop up. no biggie, just want the extra snap 🙂

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  • Elham

    i lost notification bar since i have updated my phone 🙁

    • Elham

      i use HTC one V

  • Nancy

    I do not like not being able to remove the lock. I would like to see the zoom bar back on the camera screen and I have lost the automatic period at the end of a sentence by hitting the space bar twice.

    • Yes, you can remove the lock: posted here about It like last week. Search for “no lock screen” in the upper menu. And the tap twice for ending a sentence still works? At least on my phone. Check keyboard settings for it in settings – language & keyboard – HTC sense input – advanced, where you make sure Quick “.” is ticked

  • AJ

    Music Player on Lock Screen is now gone!!!!!!!!!! That was like the best feature on the whole phone!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • No, it’s not gone. It’s there in 4.4.2/sense 5.5 (I look at it right now on my One M7 with 4.4.2) and it was there in 4.3/sense 5.5. There is settings to disable it tho, under Settings > Security > Music playback, where you have a tick-box for it..

  • Madalyn Borders

    I just updated and the performance is outrageously slow. My keyboard will freeze while typing and my apps won’t show up when I hit the home button. All I see is my background picture.

    Also, I can’t share any pictures within the messaging app. I have to take the picture, go to my album, and share it like that. It’s just extremely annoying and I can’t find anyone else with this problem.

  • Tim

    I recently upgraded through a software push to Android 4.4.2 HTC Sense 5.5 Software version 4.20.980.1 and now my phone no longer wakes for off to sound the alarms.

    Has anyone else noticed this and is it reported and discussed anywhere – I can’t seem to find any recent discussion on any forums.


  • A so rry use r !

    Excellent update but WHY?? did they add this space after completion of a word?? Sense was the only keyboard not to do this STUPID thing. It was so nice to be able to select a word and complete it afterwards… Please, and there isn’t even an option to remove it!! (or where?)

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