MoreLocale 2 not working on 4.2.2 without SU or “pm grant” from adb on computer

MoreLocale 2? you ask. It’s an app to set locale (language and country) on a android phone that doesn’t have it in the language list. Like, there’s no Swedish on a UK phone for example.

This is the maker of morelocale 2 says

“After 4.2 new Jelly Bean, The protection level definition of CHANGE_CONFIGURATION has been changed.
If you’re able to use development tools, you can grant the permission manually by ‘pm’ command.
If you have SuperUser privilege on your device. MoreLocale 2 could get the permission automatically.”

You really don’t need root for it, adb tool on computer will work just fine. You need a little skill to make it work, I excluded it the first time since I couldn’t get it to work (“adb devices” did it for it me). But, now it works just fine.

I will not go into just how to get adb and such onto your computer now, since that guide itself will be longer than this (will of course do a guide if there’s a need for it).

Android SDK can be found here

Important edit: I assume that you’re aware that you need “usb debugging” turned ON in phone or it’s just NOT going to work. New version of guide HERE.

Edit: to easy install ADB and Fastbook, check this

Of course you need to do this with phone hooked up to computer.

With a command line (on a windows computer) you type (I assume with Paths and such ok, or stand in the directory where “adb” can be found). Each command is followed by ENTER.

adb shell

this will set adb into shell mode, where you can enter commands directly to your phone

The prompt changes a bit, and you enter (careful with spelling and caps). Enter

pm grant android.permission.CHANGE_CONFIGURATION

The prompt will not show you much, just mirrors the last bit. That means it was successful, I do this with Morelocale 2 open on my phone. And then you can just change language to whatever you want, this grant stays even with a restart of the phone.