Turn on Developer Options on HTC One running 4.2.2 or above

This is an android thing to begin with, before you start complaining how htc have changed things.

Edit: it’s visible if you just have updated your One, but haven’t done an factory restore.  Or least it was at mine, but after a factory restore it was not visible.

This way work for all htc phones having 4.2 or above, from One X to One with 4.4.2

Developer options
Under Settings are now hidden, you enable it by going to Settings > About > Software information > More.. where you touch Build number 7 times. Which will give you a count down, and then say “you’re now a developer”. And Developer Options are back!

Ok, that’s all good. But, how do I disable it again? To hide it again.
Of course I’ve covered that as well. Read more HERE

  • alex

    thanks, really needed this!!! 🙂

  • Ahmad Mujeeb

    Thanks alot droider.

  • Jake Peterson;

    Thank you!

  • alexxx

    Hahaha, thattttt I HAD to google, JEEEZZZAS! Thank you so much, I HAD to speed up the damn animations, twas set dreadfully slow

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  • HTC One X owner

    Thanks droider hahahaha! Thanks a lot..loving my new htc one!

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  • HTC One Owner

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  • selfish

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  • It’s Me

    Is there any way to turn on the Developer Option “Stay Awake” while charging?

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  • Munna

    Its displaying ‘Now you are a developer’, how to go back to normal now..??

    • just turn off Developer options inside it, you have a ON/OFF there. But, it will still be visible under Settings. And will stay that way until you do a factory reset. It doesn’t do ANYTHING unless you tell it to..

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  • Karthik

    wtf!! its crazy dude.. thanx a lot..

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  • Staying Awake

    Thanks for the information…. I wanted the “stay Awake” while charging on my HTC One… contacted HTC customer sevice but they can’t provide me a solution.
    Thankfully I happened upon this post and got the feature back 🙂

  • New2This

    If i turn off animations in developer options but then turn off Developer, i take that it just voids turning off animations yeah. They are only disabled as long as D.O are switched on?

    • Yeah, if you turn OFF Developer Options: all changes you made inside there gets turned OFF. If you want to use options from inside Dev Options you need to have it ON

      • Jay Gabriel

        Well the question is how do you turn off the developer mode???

        • with the ON/OFF button inside Dev options. But, it will still be visible under Settings. And will stay that way until you do a factory reset. It doesn’t do ANYTHING unless you tell it to..

  • Robert

    Pls how do I update my HTC one. It’s a developers edition n runs on jelly bean 4.1.2. Want to update to 4.4.2 but keeps telling me I have the latest software

    • Kosta

      have you solved the issue?

  • 曹博堯

    it’s damn tricky… No wonder I can’t find the option anywhere.

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    what will switching ‘animation’ off actually do?

  • Ivanov Boris

    Try this on HTC one but cant turn on google now at step 13 and my location is still macedonia. Please help