Memory card or No memory card


I’ve seen this topic far too many times now, and this is what I think about it myself.

And what I think about it: is due to me having been in the tech world like 20 years now. I don’t defend anyone, I just think that HTC got a point with NOT having a slot for memory card in their new top-end phones.

  • Internal storage is far faster, and today it’s getting cheaper as well. The memory cards often included are low classed, as in VERY slow: phones with a memory card slot: you HAVE to get a faster card. It’s the cheap solution.
  • FAR slower read/write speed in memory cards compared to internal storage, this leads to slower camera and so on.
  • Problems with storage cards getting corrupted since the card gets bad contact with the reader.
  • Problems with slow cheap memory cards
  • Memory card gets lose due to phone being dropped a bit, memory card reader in phone stops working because of that. Where internal storage just keep on working.
  • With memory card you restrict the design of the phone a A LOT, like HTC One and One X wouldn’t look like the do with memory card slot or would NOT be as solid as they are.
  • We need some Innovation, just doing it the SAME way as 10 years ago is for me rather silly. Esp since it got MANY restrictions.
  • It’s the way Google want Android to be in the first place, since with fixed internal storage: you can go beyond the very limiting fat32/exfat file format used on memory cards. Nexus 4 doesn’t got memory card slot.
  • Android 4.1 and above doesn’t like apps on memory card at all, you can’t save apps to it.

And many other reasons that I can’t remember now, but this is what I think as well. This is just my experience of it. I’ve just adapted what I put on my phone when they don’t got a memory card slot.  What if I want to put things on my phone without a computer? Then I would use an usb otg adapter and a simple usb memory stick, as I have done. Things HAVE to move on as well, we just can’t stick to the Old way of doing things just because “we always did”. I know that not all agrees with me, but this is just what I think. For me: if removing the memory card slot makes it faster or more reliable: PLEASE give me that, since that is what I want in a device.

My main points why One and such are fine as they are:

  • USB OTG, you can access the things you want. Might require that you think a bit, but I have to think what I bring with me anyway since I have a LOT of things.
  • 32GB and above should be enough for most people, you have 64GB in One X+
  • Dropbox, box and google drive. Backup photos and such to those, will save you space and keep your photos safe as well.

Do read my post on removable batteries as well

  • from my experience, i believe external memory card make my phones slower and access speed is slow compared to accessing internal memory
    just like data transfer speed variation from HDD on computer and external HDD

    • yeah, of course it is. Compare copying things a phone with memory card and an 8X, you will see and FEEL the difference as it’s VERY fast storage in the 8X

  • google got rid of SD for a reason. As long as all phones have 32gb or bigger it’s a non issue. Anyone needing more than 64gb needs to re-evaluate their lives not slag off phone manufacturers.. Do you REALLY need 64gb of music/video on an average day? No , you don’t