Writing to a NFC tag with One X+

Using an app from NXP (they make NFC chips), NFC TagWriter by NXP. This app does most of what you need when it comes to NFC. There’s another one called NFC Tasker that works a bit differently, but that will get it’s own post later on.

As always: make sure that NFC is ON before you start. The app itself is pretty simple to use.

  • droider.se

    hey so if i do get a card at a hotel with NFC, I should be able to use this app and use my phone as the keycard instead? 😛

    • Nah, phone acts like a reader for nfc. NFC tags are just a little bit of storage and an antenna. It COULD work if the hotel got an app for this

      • brianmann

        Hi, but why cant just the NFC in my one x detect all the data from the keycard, and then that data will be used from the phone so it will be used as a keycard? 🙂

        • that would be a bit bad for security reasons, as it would allow you to copy a card you’re not really allowed to have. This is why, it can’t be copied, just read.