More on what I like about 8X and windows phone 8

Being VERY new to windows phone I might find things most wp used people will see as “old”, but this is from my point of view: total wp noob. Some of these things aren’t directly wp8 or 8x but still part of the whole experience.

  • With Office 2010 (I would assume 2013 as well) you can save a document directly to Skydrive, then you can open it in office on 8x. And then open it from skydrive on your computer again, this I saw as VERY cool since it saved a few clicks.
  • Put your own ringtones on the phone put connecting phone to computer and just simple drag the ringtones you want into the folder Ringtones on the 8X. This works with MP3 and WMA.
  • That you can download offline maps on the 8X

I’m sure that I will find more things as I get more used to it.
What’s your best trick/tip on windows phone 8 or 8X? Write in the comments!


  • I am using the 8S, and also brand new to it. What I find cool is that you can see your online friends on Facebook in the normal texting section.

    • yeah, that’s pretty cool. Some things in wp8 I like and some parts are just lacking things, like that there is no “mark all” function in mail app. And for me that at times gets a gazillion mails, i kinda want this thing so I can set a bunch of things as “read”

  • wajeeh

    in your opinion , do u think i can leave the biggest Systems IOS and Android and move to WP ? or not now we should wait ?
    what do u think ?

    • it simply depends on what you like, since they’re all different and are good at different things. At least focus on android and wp…