Changes in the 4.1.1/Sense 4+ update for One X

It’s perhaps not all the changes, do comment if you have found more please!

  • Disable lock screen, “no lock screen” style under personalize
  • New Music lock screen.
  • High res contact picture, and ability to easy change contact pic
  • Usb otg works, tried 4 and 16gb. 32GB seems to be the limit. You need an USB OTG adapter for this, can be found on ebay for like $1.
  • Gallery app changed, direct choice at start of it
  • New clock widgets
  • Browser changed, based on chrome
  • Message app changed: backup/restore, secure box with password, block box (list)
  • Power saver added, with options.
  • Google now from long press home button
  • Notification pull down changed
  • Power under settings changed
  • Storage under settings changed
  • Backup & reset added under settings
  • Privacy removed
  • You can drag app to uninstall from app drawer
  • Some widgets can be resized
  • Flashlight redesigned
  • Camera redesigned
  • Sense restarts much quicker
  • Htc hub is gone
  • Wifi direct moved to under Wifi
  • Ashishmal

    wi fi direct gone??

    • No, wifi direct have moved. And couldn’t really get it to work

  • Rahim

    Infinite loop on home screens..
    3d view of app-menu screen (Rosie) is gone..

  • Jefferson Shim

    upload photo to facebook via htc sense has been removed from gallery app. Quite disappointed…

  • Gaurav

    Thanks for compiling this. I was looking for such information… šŸ™‚

  • Ognjen

    You can add:
    – new JB keyboard
    – new skins and wallpapers
    – color themes for messages (or this option was already?)

    But I found very annoying thing – power icon in notification bar that can’t be hidden