Anti-virus for your android phone

This is just for those that feel that they just HAVE to use an anti-virus app on their phone. I don’t use one myself, but that’s just because I am a bit careful with what I put on my phone.
But, for those that WANT one, then you got several options. I like these two (avast my first choice). Edit: I forgot AVG that’s one of the most downloaded on computer







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  • Håvard Legernæs

    What is the differences between the two options? 🙂

    • 3, since I just added another one. They do about the same thing, but perhaps in different ways. And those 3 also represents the most commons AVs used on computers as well. You can use the same that you’re used to from your computer.

  • Sweanisse

    wich one is best on them then?